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Dr. Theo is a renowned expert in Clinical Preventive Medicine and Arthritis. He is a board-certified Preventive Medicine, fellowship trained in Sports Medicine and Medical school assistant professor who has spent 23 years in schooling and training. He has five different degrees in addition to his two medical specialties.

Like most doctors, he makes his living by giving medical advice. The advice he gives to people is subject to the rules of the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners and the terms of his malpractice insurance.

Giving any personal advice, even referring you to another physician, creates professional liability. As a result, the personal advice Dr. Theo gives must be recorded, charted and involves a fee. If you are looking for general answers to questions (not personal advice), then see if your question has been answered here otherwise, you may want to consider a professional session with Dr. Theo. If you live in, or are visiting Arizona, you can make an appointment for either a: Telephone Consultation Or Face-to-face Office Visit in Tucson

If you are not in Arizona, you are not eligible for either type of appointment. Physicians' licenses are not national; they are only valid in one state. Dr. Theo is currently licensed in Arizona.


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