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Dr. Theo has helped millions world-wide overcome their pain and disability from arthritis through his books, lectures and donations.

His work has likely helped save thousands of lives by giving people the tools to avoid the deadly risks of pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, and unnecessary surgery.

Dr. Theo's® has donated over $180,000 worth of products to various charity organizations including: The Arthritis Foundation, St. Elizabeth's Clinic (Tucson), Spirit of Service, and the Community Food Bank to aid people with arthritis who cannot afford proper treatment.

Dr. Theo has taught (gratis) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine since 1999 and has assisted with the University's Athletic department since the early 1990's.

He served as a volunteer physician to the Santa Rita High School Football team for over 14 years and has performed dozens of free lectures for the lay public, physicians and allied health professionals.

In addition, Dr. Theo has spent over $50,000 to test various glucosamine, chondroitin and other products on the market in order to make accurate and responsible product recommendations.


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