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Web Sites Mentioned in "Don't Let Your HMO Kill You"
Name of Site Page Number
Dr. Theo's Web site 114, 311
Alliance for Health Reform 19
Employee Benefits Research Institute 19
Foundation for Accountability 19
American Association of Health Plans 19
Health Care Financing Administration 19, 242
Supplement Testing Institute 115
Med Help International 152
HealthFinder 152
MedicineNet 152
National Guideline Clearinghouse 153, 157
MedLinePlus 154
MedLine 154, 157
Infotreive 155, 157
MedicineNet 156
AMA Health Insight 156
Drug InfoNet: 156
Mediconsult 156
CNN Health 156
The Virtual Hospital: 156
MedHelp International 156
MedicineNet 157
HealthFinder 157
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis 157
National Organization of Rare Disorders 157
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research 157
The People's Medical Society 188
Families USA 188
Patients Always First 188
American Medical Consumers, Inc. 188
CareCounsel, LLC 188
American Health Decisions 188
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) 191
HCFA's "Medicare Compare" service 239
Community Service Society 242
National Health Law Program 242
American Association of Retired Persons 242
Association Psychiatric Association 264
American Psychological Association 264
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill 264
National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals & Consumers, Inc. 264


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