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Maximizing the Arthritis Cure represents the next major advancement in treating arthritis. "Maximizing" adds to the information in The Arthritis Cure by providing readers with specific programs to combat their condition. This "must have" companion provides new research, tailored exercise, biomechanics and eating programs along with the new supplement, prescription drug and surgical interventions. The major questions elicited by readers of The Arthritis Cure are answered and the "low-down" on other forms are arthritis treatments are explained and assessed.

Table of Contents

• Acknowledgments
• An Important Note To The Readers - A Word From Dr. Theodosakis
• FOREWORD by Amal K. Das, Jr., M.D.

Chapter Title
1 An Introduction to the Maximizing Plan
2 The Arthritis Cure Revisited and Improved
3 Working with Your Physician
4 Biomechanics, Stretching, and Balance
5 Aerobics and Strength
6 The Importance of Food and Eating Right
7 The Maximizing Supplement Plan÷and New Developments That May Enhance the Effectiveness of Glucosamine and Chondroitin
8 Rheumatoid Arthritis: New Hope for Sufferers
9 Other Treatments: What's Hype, What's Not
10 Curing the "Incurable": New Injectable and Surgical Techniques
11 Questions and Answers
• APPENDIX A: New Research Evidence About the Effective of Chondroitin and Glucosamine
• APPENDIX B: Resources

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