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ASU Products (Avocado-Soybean Unsaponifiables) *

AVOSOY® Products *


Glucosamine-Chondroitin Products *

When Dr. Theo originally wrote The Arthritis Cure®, and then the revised edition, he mentioned over two dozen different recommended supplement products that passed independent testing. Since that time, some companies lost their recommended status by either changing their formulation, skimping on crucial ingredients, purchasing raw materials from questionable sources, or not releasing test results to the public. Chondroitin that may have been irradiated, or obtained from mixed animal sources may have made it into finished product.

We're always evaluating other brands. Dr. Theo refrained from creating his own product for many years after creating his revolutionary treatment program. Finally, he became fed-up with the false advertising and perhaps even fraud in the category and created his own line of products to take himself and give to his family and physician friends.


AVOSOY® Complete (ASU + Glucosamine + Chondroitin) *



Glucosamine-Alone Product *

Dona® crystalline glucosamine sulfate powder packets and caplets



SAM-e Products *

Here is the #1 brand:

NatureMade® SAMe

Make sure to use the researched dose of SAMe, 800-1,200 mg per day. Don't take SAMe if you're taking anti-depressant medication.


Anti-inflammatory Products *

High EPA forms of Omega-3 fish oil have been used as an anti-inflammatory in Rheumatology. There are many decent brands of high potency fish oil. Before you consider one you should note the following: Make sure you don't have to take too many softgels since this will result in an increase your chance of stomach upset, greater exposure to heavy metals and more calories. The dose used in the research was about 2 grams of EPA Omega-3 (not just 2 grams of the fish oil). Choose the TG form since the EE form of Omega-3 is not absorbed unless you have it with a fatty meal. Don't take any brand that doesn't let you see the test results for the exact lot you're taking. Spot testing of batches is not sufficient.


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

For information about MSM - visit the main information site at msmguide.com


Unloader Knee Brace

Generation II


Vitamin D *

Vitamin D content can vary widely from product to product and even batch to batch within the same brand. Unless you can see independent test results of the contents of a particular product, you can't really be sure how much or little you're getting. The cases of toxicity, though rare, almost always result from manufacturing errors. Don't use a Vitamin D product unless you have access to the actual laboratory tests for the product you have purchased.

This product is Pharmaceutical grade and is sent to a third party for label claim verification. *



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